Academic Games Leagues of America National Tournament

The time has come again to take a trip and compete in the AGLOA Nationals Tournament. After hard work and success at the local competitions at Slippery Rock University, the qualified students of Mohawk Area School traveled to the Oglebay Resort in Wheeling, WV. From April 28th to May 2nd, 17 students from Mohawk competed in six different academic games, including Propaganda, World Events, Presidents, Equations, On-Sets, and Linguistics, against other team from around the nation. These students were Johnny Lamb, Ian Sun, Noah Anfetouak, Justin Boston, Brody Ayles, Marc Conti, Dylan Kerr, Taylor Harman, Natalie Grim, Anton Donghia, Alex Boston, Raegen Esenwein, Morgan Gleghorn, Sam Jones, Angelesa Desatnik, Cierra Lutz, and senior Drake Butz. There, they stayed in the May cottage with advisors Mr. McNeish and Mrs. Boston, along with other volunteering parents. Some of the fun activities that they enjoyed were paddle boating, mini putt putt, basketball, swimming, and capture the flag. While playing the games, however, they turned their game faces on and competed as hard as they could. Brody Ayles received an Honorable Mention in the game of Propaganda. Anton Donghia ended as one of the Top 5 Individuals in Propaganda. Finally, in the same game, Johnny Lamb and Noah Anfetouak were part of the National