Air Protein: Helpful or Dangerous


Many problems plague the Earth and humans along with it. From global warming to world hunger, deforestation, and loss of biodiversity, humans have had a large and detrimental effect on the environment. While there is not an immediate and flawless solution to these many issues, scientists have been making breakthroughs over the years that are a means to a better world. One of the newer, and rather controversial, discoveries is the use of elements in the air as a way of producing meat: Air Protein.

Starting in 2004 with the founder and CEO, Dr. Lisa Dyson, this is a recycled idea formulated by a space program in the 1970s. This was first meant to be a way to feed astronauts when they are on long journeys in space. The original idea was to use the air that the astronauts breathed and turn that into protein, thus creating a way to have constant food, making these journeys capable of lasting infinitely longer without the worry of running out of food and having to return to Earth.

Nowadays, the idea is being used in a much more widespread way, with the intention of lowering pollution in the air, reducing the amount of space being taken over by farms for agriculture, and hopefully eliminating world hunger completely. There are a plethora of upsides to using air protein, such as time efficiency, opening doors to sustainable living, and recycling substances in the air to reallocate them toward a more productive place. Air protein can be created within four days and is proven to use less resources than actual meat.

However, as with most discoveries, there are concerns to be addressed. Many people are most notably worried about the lack of jobs that will surface with the creation of this company. Along with this, there are skeptics who are looking for confirmation that this is a safe development. To put worries aside, there will still be use for farms in the future, and more jobs will be created as the human race evolves. The aim of Air Protein is to reduce the amount of land needed for farms, not be rid of them completely, so those whose concerns are centered around that matter can rest easy knowing that their livelihood will not be hindered by this creation. Similarly, those who might be concerned for their health can also be assured that this product is not dangerous. All the substances being recycled from the air are repurposed and, through a process that is similar to the creation of things such as yogurt, cheese, and wine, a product is created that is then harvested and purified. The end result is a completely clean, and protein-filled, creation that is safe to consume.

Overall, Air Protein is still a new and intimidating work of science. People will always be nervous regarding things that they might not understand, or that they are unfamiliar with, but this discovery might be a change for the betterment of the entire planet. With all the upsides that come with Air Protein, this might just be the solution to world hunger, and possibly an aid to air pollution, that humans have been searching for.