Mohawk’s Meet the Warriors

Meet the Warriors event for Mohawk’s 2022-2023 Winter Sports Season! Buy a Basketball Season Pass for $20 – more information in the front office!


On November 30th, 2022, Mohawk held the annual Meet the Warriors event for winter athletes. This event showcased athletes across many sports and activities. The teams introduced were the 3rd and 4th grade girl’s and boy’s basketball teams, and the 5th and 6th grade girl’s and boy’s basketball teams, the girl’s and boy’s junior high basketball teams, the junior high cheer team, the Wilmington Boy’s Hockey Players, the bocci team coached by Mrs. Monteleone, Victoria Reardon, a swimmer at the YMCA, gymnast Angelina Smiley, the Boy’s and Girl’s Varsity basketball teams, and the Mohawk Varsity and JV cheer teams. The Pep Band, directed by Mr. Jason Zeh, also made an appearance, along with the Colorguard.

The roster for the boy’s varsity basketball team consists of 20 boys. We’re first introduced to the only senior player, Devon Sudziak (#23). The juniors on this year’s roster are Justin Boston (#15), Keigan Hopper (#24), Mason Hopper (#20), JJ Nail (#13), Dante Retort (#3), Jay Wrona (#12), and Leyton Wagner (#32). The four sophomore players are Trevor Dudzenski (#40), Blake Logan (#5), Jackson Peters (#4), and Lucas Ryhal (#10). Briar Crawford (#34), Bobby Fadden (#1), Cole McDanel (#21), Mark McKinney (#2), Danny Monaco (#35), Joey Nail (#11), Vinny Pezzuolo (#14), Tallan Swanson (#22), and Peyton Weber (#30) are the freshman players. The 2022-2023 team is coached by Mike O’Lare.

Next is the Girl’s Varsity Basketball roster. This year’s team is coached by Ron Moncrief. Seniors are Madison Cole (#24) and Alexa Kadilak (#10). Juniors are Aricka Young (#11), Chloe Fadden (#15), Deyani Revis (#20), Kiera Julian (#2), Erynne Capalbo (#25), Lexi Brown (#3), and Natalie Lape. Sophomores are Ella Nolfi (#22), Nevaeh Grimes (#14), Delani Harman (#21), Madi Weisz (#12), Addy Stivers (#23), Ellie Whippo (#1), and Victoria Reardon (#50). The freshmen are Mylie Pistorius (#5), Reagan Magno (#4), Addy Moskal (#13), Makenna Stewart (#32), and Lydia Cole (#40).

This year’s Mohawk Varsity Cheer team was also showcased. The Varsity cheer team is lead by captains senior Ariana Smiley and junior Addison Anderson. The other senior cheerleader is Whiloh Jacobs, and the other junior is Kailyn Petti. The sophomores on the team are Carmen Hart, Olivia Galazia, Berlynn Cribbs, Malayna McBride, and Emilee Masters. The JV cheerleaders are Emma Jenkins, Jewels Wallace, Maitlyn Reebel, Morgan Gabriel, Josie Greco, Addison Hogue, Marli McBride, and Madison Moran. The Varsity cheer team is coached by Mrs. Alison Bell, and the JV team is coached by Gianna Retort. Together, the varsity and JV team performed 2 cheers.

The Wilmington Boy’s Hockey Players are junior Noah Monstwil, sophomores Ben Bruer and Sam List, and 7th grader Finn McGreal.

The 3rd grade girls basketball team is coached by Ian Delaney. Players are Emersyn Alick, Madison Bender, Kylie Bernard, Ella Betz, Lydia Conti, Paige Delaney, Sophia Donofrio, Emma Graner, Lily Kaszowski, Launa Leslie, Carmelina Meanor, and Audri Wallace.

The 4th grade girls basketball team is coached by Ashlee Platt and players are America Abraham, Ava Betz, Nora Blum, Makaylee Cassano, Ava Clark, Audrey Craig, Alivia Davis, Marissa Hardy, Charlotte Hedlund, Mia Imbrogno, Cassidy Izzo, Adella Johnson, Julia Leist, Reese Magliocca, Anna Marks, Hallie Platt, Loraine Russel, Haley Tanner, and brianne Vulcan.

Coached by Ryan Pastore, Sean Overton, and John Argiro is the 3rd grade boys basketball team. Players are Marco Argiro, Deryk Bailey, Blake Bender, Collin David, Josh Diffenbacher, Camdyn Fowler, Chance Hedlund, Rylan Mattingley, Braydon Overton, Dominic Sankey, Even Self, Barrett Shaw, Marcus Suders, Aleck Scobbie, and John Stratton.

The 4th grade boys basketball team is coached by Brian Piccirillo, an elementary teacher, and Brett Crawford. Matteo Zarlingo, Grayson Hall, Bryce Bradley, Jack Clark, Chase Brown, Mason McConahy, Gianni Argiro, Caden Crawford, and JR Piccirillo are the players.

The 5th grade boys basketball team is coached by Matt Argiro and Travis Bessel. The players are Jaxon Bessel (#1), Chase Murphy (#2), Waylon McAnlis (#3), Chase Argiro (#4), Josh Kauffman (#5), Steven Winter (#5), Mason Sankey (#10), Blake Martin (#11), Ashton Campbell (#14), Roman Gabriel (#20), Amico Faraglia (#21), Dante Cascavilla (#24), and Xander Smith (#25).

Jared Stratton, a high school science teacher, and Gerald Guido, a middle school history teacher, are the coaches of the 6th grade boys basketball team. Jacob Leckwart, Mason Guido, Dylan Hodge, Landyn Domitrovich, Braydon Lonzo, Own Hogue, Jakob Vogan, Lucas Stratton, Alijah Terry, Noah Motter, and Nathan Gibson are the players on the 2022-2023 team.

Ryan Anderton is the coach of both the 5th and 6th grade girls basketball teams. The 5th grade players are Brooklyn Moskal, Jordynn Lutz, Lindsey Iorio, Alivia Redick, Claire Michener, Regan Parry, Macey Tanner, Erykah Pegg, Aliyah Mattingly, Riley Kohnen, Maleah Austin, and Emma Trewella.

The 6th graders on the team are Ava Quear, Olivia Cooper, Gianna Germanoski, Elise Weber, Maizie Anderton, Katie McConnel, Reagan Bessell, Marin Dolquist, Zoe Ciavarino, Molley Bshero, Lucy Wallace, Olivia Stewart, Koralee Melzet, Carmella Hardester, Natalie Emery, Kaitlynn Malott, Lillian McNicholas, Adelynn Dean, Lindsey Hare, Reanna Austin, and Alissa Cosgrove.

The 7th grade girls basketball team is coached by Jennifer Pezzuolo. #3 is Ashlee Masters, #4 is Brandye Fort, #21 is Jayde Harman, #30 is Maddie Crawford, #44 is Addison McDowell, and Caitlyn Gibson. The 8th grade girls team is coached by Ron Moncrief. #5 is Gianna Pezzuolo, #14 is Audrina Cox, #20 is Avery McAnlis, and #21 is Kassie McConnell.

The 7th grade boys baskteball team is coached by Rob Fadden and Mike Guliano. The 7 players are Chase Weisz, Carter Grinnen, Caden Delaney, Zach Barber, Braedon Kerr, Jack Patterson, and Caleb Lutton. The 8th grade team is coached by Bryan Piccirillo, and the players are Tanner Platt, Drew Wrona, Cash Stratton, Landyn Argiro, Brayden Radzyminski, Kamren O’Lare, Carter Ernst, Landon Schmid, Imani Abraham, and Andrew Lloyd.

The middle school cheerleaders are coached by Alison Bell and Gianna Retort. The 7th graders are Karli Reebel, Catelin Bradley, Alexis Hickok, Brooklyn Pastore, Alexis McConahy, Mya Davis, Akira Copple, Emma Pitts, and Jayden Akins. The 8th graders are Jayden Plohr, Avery Smiley, Payton Kelley, Madilyn Burket, Jenna Sankovich, Abree Baney, Lauren Murphy, and Savana Byler. The middle school cheer team performed 2 cheers.

The Mohawk Bocce team is coached by Phil George and Laurie Monteleone, a high school science teacher. Team members are Lydia Fair, Peyton Vizyak, Robert Heaney, Eric Vizyal, Lillian Lewis, and Shelby Hartzell.

Following tradition, the boy’s and girl’s varsity teams competed in the annual 3-point shoot off competition. Each team selected three shooters; each shooter had one minute to shoot as many 3-point shots as they could. For the first time in over a decade, the boy’s team won. The score was 48-33. Jay Wrona shot an impressive 19, Mason Hopper shot 14, and Devon Sudziak shot 15. The girls team shooters were Madison Cole, Alexa Kadilak, and Erynne Capalbo. Cole totaled at 13 points, Kadilak at 11, and Capalbo with 9.

An additional shoot-off was held between audience members who had purchased basketball season passes.

The Mohawk Community would also like to show their appreciation for Mr. Stratton, who organized the event, as well as Manny Retort, sophomore, and Mr. Maiorano, a high school history teacher, for announcing.