Are you Thinking of Donating to “Toys for Tots”?

Toys for Tots has been a program since 1947. The Marine Corps realized there was no programs for donating toys to children whose family’s can’t afford to put gifts out for Christmas. That year the Marines collected 5,000 toys in Los Angeles for local families. Today, the Toys for Tots program collects and distributes 18 million toys each holiday season. The program doesn’t release any guidelines or donation ideas to help let you donate what you’re comfortable with. With that said, donating can be hard when choosing what toys to pick. To make it easier, try asking younger relatives or kids what kind of toys they like. Another idea is picking from one of the classic toy categories like sports, board games, art supplies, or even perfume and makeup. Some things you should avoid are toys that look like realistic weapons or things that include food. Even though there are many other kinds of toys you should avoid, there are so many other ideas that would be perfect. Toys for Tots is for all ages, so if you think it’s a good gift, chances are someone else will too.