Mohawk’s Little Library


Mohawk Peer Leader club members Emily McConnell, Dominique Walko, Cianna Muto, Deyani Revis, and Estelle Winck took on the challenge of creating a community project geared towards benefiting the Mohawk Elementary students. Together, they came up with the idea of an outdoor mini library that will be accessible to Elementary students throughout the day. The plan was to offer a wide variety of books to kids of all ages. The Peer Leaders club, advised by Lindsay Shimrack, undertook the challenge to make the outdoor library a possibility.

Peer Leaders Dominique Walko and Cianna Muto attended Extreme Leadership at the Midwestern Intermediate Unit 4 and presented their idea: The Wise Warrior Reading Corner.

The structure was generously created by Carl McConnell, grandfather of Peer Leader Emily McConnell. The financing for this project was generated with fundraisers that took place in the elementary school like Hat Day as well as several Junior High dances. The club has also raised several hundred dollars for the Make a Wish foundation. Peer Leaders has received a generous amount of donations from the Mohawk community, but they are still accepting donations, which can be dropped off at the elementary office.

Elementary Student Council President Annabelle Granato and Vice President Allison Olayer also helped to organize fundraisers at the elementary school, earning more than $200 towards supplies and materials needed for The Wise Warrior Reading Corner.

There is a long range plan for the organization to build and implement more reading corners throughout the community in the years to come.

A special thank you to Carl McConnell for building the Wise Warrior Reading Corner. Courtney Stein from Multiplying Good and Halee McCance from MIU4. Peer Leader club advisors, Lindsay Shimrack and Lisa Caughey. Peer Leaders Erynne Capalbo, Chloe Fadden, Katelyn Johnson, Kiera Julian, Emily McConnell, Maya McGreal, Cianna Muto, Deyani Revis, Angelina Sullivan, Andrew Verdi, Dominique Walko, and Estelle Winck. Principal Geroge Sperdute. And Superintendent Lorree Houk.