Retirement – Mrs. McCullough


Mrs. McCullough has taught first grade at Mohawk for 32 years and though she knows that it is time to move on that doesn’t make saying goodbye any easier.  She is going to miss the fun of being around the little kids with all the excitement that they have for learning. First grade has changed over the years they expect a lot more from a first graders than they used to; the students are expected to know more and to learn more. Working for the first grade’s taught Mrs. McCullough a lot of patience over the years and also taught her how to work with other people and how to reach out to the people of the community. Mrs. McCullough (and all first grade teachers) teaches everything in first grade from reading and math to science with a little bit of social studies here and there. She would like to tell anyone who plans on going into early childhood education how much work it is “It’s not just during the school year you’re going to spend your summers doing school work or taking classes and you’re going to end up putting a lot of personal time into your job.” After she retires Mrs. McCullough plans to spend her time with her three soon to be four little grandchildren and volunteering at her church and spending all her free time doing whatever makes her happy.