Importance Of College Visits

Brett Bobin

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Whenever you go shoe shopping or shopping in general you try the shoes on or what your buying right. Well why wouldn’t you do the same with a college? You should plan on going on a visit to the college whether it is for a sport or just visiting to see how the campus is run. It is very important to do this because you can see how the campus life is and you can see the surroundings of the college. You also can see how the life around the campus is like living, is it a safe place, or you can see what kind of things are outside the campus. The thing you would maybe want outside the campus would be different activities or restaurants and food services. Also, if your going on a visit for sports then you can see how the coach is and he plans on running the team. Another thing that you can see is how interested the coach seems to have you on his team because he might seem interested over text but not in person. You can even talk to some of the players that go their and see how they like it and if they think that you’ll be a good fit their. Lastly, you can see if the college you are looking is to close or to far from home. You can tell if you might get home sick and wanna move back closer to home.