Should Minors Be Eligible To Vote?

Should Minors Be Eligible To Vote?

When you turn eighteen, there are various new rights and opportunities granted to you. One of the most valuable is gaining the right to vote. However, have you ever reflected on why it is this particular age?

Minors as young as sixteen should have the ability to vote because they have acquired the information and knowledge needed to make important decisions. In the eighth grade, students takes their first civics class. In this class, students learn about who can vote, the amendments, responsibilities we have as citizens, elections, as well as the roles of the branches of government. In addition, students also begin to look at current events and what is going on internationally. Students learn the importance of being attentive to what is happening in the world, and they also learn how to form political opinions/beliefs based on research and evidence.

Minors should earn the power to vote because the bills and laws that are being voted on affects them. It is difficult to expect kids to pay attention if they do not get a say on what affects their livelihood. Granting this right earlier will assist in creating good voting habits.

Even though minors are being affected, and they have the knowledge to make major decisions, some might argue that teenagers are not mature enough to be granted this privilege. However, age does not define how mature an individual is.

Voting is crucial to being a good citizen. Students should be taught more extensively on the importance of voting. Changing this right would be a very serious matter and should not be taken lightly.