Holiday Spirit


Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, there are always debates and conversations regarding when to start celebrating! Christmas falls on December 25th each year and is celebrated by most Americans. You may hear holiday-themed songs starting in early November in many stores or even in your own home. You may enjoy this festive atmosphere, or you may be appalled due to the time frame! Let’s take a look at some different points of view. Some people choose to decorate and begin the holiday spirit on November 1st. I understand the thought process in wanting to enjoy the holiday season for a longer period of time. I also like the idea of having decorations prepared ahead of time. However, you have to keep in mind that there is a holiday between Halloween and Christmas that cannot be forgotten about. Thanksgiving in my mind reminds me of the fall season and warm colors. Whereas, Christmas, I imagine winter and cool tone colors and auras. In my experience, most individuals I know begin celebrating after Thanksgiving Day. For that reason, my opinion is biased! I agree with decorating after Thanksgiving. It allows for Thanksgiving to have its proper celebration, then to begin transferring into the winter or Christmas atmosphere. There is also the possibility that the holiday season begins at the start of December. As I stated earlier, If you are someone like me that associates Christmas with cool weather and cool tone colors, this makes perfect sense to wait until December. There is no right or wrong time for any choice you pick! That is truly the fun in the holidays. There are no rules, you can pick and choose how you go about it!