Is Valentine’s Day Overrated

Is Valentines Day Overrated

For some people Valentine’s day is a time for love with all the romance filling the air, and for others it’s a painful reminder of what they had lost or never had. If you go to stores such as Walmart and Giant Eagle. You will find huge displays of stuffed animals, candy, roses, and other Valentine’s day goodies. Most of the items found are very overpriced, like seriously, 25$ for a teddy bear! Some people skip the shopping and start crafting. Popular websites like YouTube and Pinterest have tons of V-day DIY’s to make your special someone feel extra special. Dogs can even get in on the fun, stopping by a pet store you can find chew toys and cutesy outfits to make them feel either special or a special hatred towards you.

The V-day stereotypes make some people miserable, such as they guys getting girls flowers and candy and the girl gets the guy……a card. Sometimes, if your lucky, the card has money or a gift card in it. Then the guy takes the girl out to dinner or makes dinner. Why is it frowned upon for the girl to treat the guy? We no longer live in a patriarchal society. For the single people out there, the displays in stores can make them angry or even sad. There is currently no draw to the single population for Valentine’s day. Some people even buy themselves the cards and the candy and the flowers for themselves to feel included, while others buy a pint of ice cream and sit and binge Netflix. In high schools, V-day can make the teachers sick. All the kids asking each other out, exchanging gifts and even kissing, all in class. A staple in some high schools is the annual Sadie Hawkins dance. At some schools, it can be as large as Homecoming, while at others it is more relaxed and couples wear costumes. Most students don’t even know the story of Sadie Hawkins. Sadie Hawkins came from a comic strip by Al Capp called “Li’l Abner”. In the comic Sadie could not get a husband, or even a date. Her father then gathered up all the eligible bachelors and let Sadie take her pick. Sometimes Sadie Hawkins is in November, but it is most popular around V-day.

Valentine’s day can be very expensive or extremely cheap, it depends on you. Everyone has their own view and their own plans for the special day. Where do you stand, do your dread the impending day or can you not wait?