Sweet Potato Fries (as Covered by Channel 14)

Many people believe sweet potato fries are disgusting, revolting, and just all out “Shouldn’t be on this earth.”

Well here on News Channel 14, we want to get both opinions from both parties. Today we’re interviewing Mr.Cinnato, a sweet potato fry and an expert on humans!

“Well, thank you for having me on tonight, Sharon. I heard that you humans heavily disliked sweet potato fries, but it was mostly the fatter humans wanting the golden fries since they “taste” better, wasn’t it? Well, what if I told you that we have more nutrients than golden fries? We may have more calories, but that just adds more personality to us. We’re better than normal fries in so many ways-”

Mr.Cinnato, You’re getting a bit off-topic, we want to hear your opinions on humans!

“Oh, oh.. My apologies ma’am. Us sweet potato fries love humans, and we don’t understand why humans do not like us. There are some who like us, especially with sugar and cinnamon, but it’s mostly teenagers who don’t like us. Although, a lot of the elders don’t like teenagers. The elders get stuck in school lunches and are served to noisy, snobby, greasy-fingered teenagers. The teens just throw them out, hoping there would be the “good” fries. If any of the teenagers are brave enough to even try one of us, they just dunk us in ketchup, which burns our eyes, and then half-chew us and end up spitting us right out. Many of us have been the cause of food-fights since some kids get the golden fries, and then if someone’s late or all the extras have been bought out, that kid gets stuck with the sweet potato fries. They just chuck the fries at each other. Besides that, you humans are wonderful creatures. I hope that we could possibly make amends in the future and make ourselves more enjoyable to humans. ”

Thank you for coming on tonight Mr.Cinnato. Enjoy your night.

Closing out on News Channel 14.