Psychological Thrillers for the Halloween Season!

Psychological Thrillers for the Halloween Season!

Khya Kumrow, Editor

During the Halloween season, many people look forward to watching the cult classic horror films like Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th and many more. I tend to lead towards the more psychological thrillers instead. Films like Donnie Darko and Nightcrawler, both staring Jake Gyllenhaal are great examples, along with Black Swan and Jenifer’s Body. Films like these leave you thinking about them months later after viewing. It leaves you thinking of the endless possibilities of endings that could have occurred.

Many say that Donnie Darko is debatably one of the best films of all time. At first sight, the story of Donnie Darko follows a mentally troubled teenager who encounters a man dressed in a bunny suit. The bunny “Frank” enlightens Donnie that the world will be ending just in 28 days, he then starts to manipulate Donnie into committing various crimes. After watching this film just over 10 times, new insights reveal themselves throughout each re-watch of the film. This film will leave you with a complete mind-bender and the opportunity to use you imagination to solve the almost cliffhanger ending.

If you particularly favor The Joker (Heath Ledger) in The Dark Knight, you will be sure to enjoy Lou Bloom in the film Nightcrawler. Created in 2014, Nightcrawler follows Lou Bloom as a news station stringer in Los Angles. Lou explores the nightmare of the dark Los Angels streets looking for his next big hit for the station. Bloom is the type of person to do anything that is necessary to achieve his ambitions. Lou becomes do undying obsessed with his profession he begins to put himself along with innocent civilians lives at stake. This film excellently portrays the reality of some people that you wouldn’t have even thought to be true.

Other films such as Zodiac, Orphan, The Truman Show and the Sony Pictures original show Breaking Bad all have similar themes to the others mentioned prior.