Fall Crafts!

Fall Crafts!

Fall is mainly known for Halloween and dressing up in costumes to go trick-or-treating. For those who might not be interested in those activities, don’t worry! There are plenty of crafts that you can do during the fall season.

There are many easy crafts that are Halloween-themed, like spider pencils. For spider pencils, you’ll need a pencil, washi tape, a styrofoam ball (preferably a small one), black paint, pipe cleaners or chenille stems (either is perfectly fine), googly eyes, and quick dry tacky glue.

To start, you will cover your pencil in the washi tape. Once that’s done, you can paint your styrofoam ball black and wait for it to dry. Once it’s dry, you can use your tacky glue to stick the googly eyes to the styrofoam ball. After that, all you have to do is cut your choice of either pipe cleaners or chenille stems into smaller pieces to glue them onto the sides of the styrofoam ball like legs. It’s super easy with minimal items and looks amazing when it’s finished!

Another easy and cost-affordable craft is stick monsters. The items you’ll need to get are as follows: craft sticks, acrylic paint (in the colors that you think you’ll need for your monster of choice), googly eyes, construction paper (once again, in the colors of your choosing), a black sharpie marker, scissors, and glue.

To begin making your stick monsters, you’ll start by lining up six of the craft sticks side by side. Once you do that, you can cut a piece of the construction paper that is big enough to fit the width of the back of the craft sticks. Glue it to the back so that your sticks stay together! After the craft sticks are dry, you can flip the sticks back to the side without the construction paper and paint the front whatever color that you choose. You wait for it to dry and then glue your googly eyes on the front before finally drawing a mouth with the black sharpie marker. For those who want to add a bit of diversity to their stick monsters, you can cut strips of your construction paper and bend them however you like so that you can glue them on the back (they’ll look like arms and legs for your stick monster).

Finally, the last craft that is easy and inexpensive is pool noodle pumpkins. Your supplies will be an orange pool noodle, wide craft sticks, green pipe cleaners, a black sharpie marker, and a knife.

To start making your pool noodle pumpkins, you will need to slice your pool noodle using your knife into lengths varying from 1″-6″. Then you’ll need to draw a jack o’lantern face on each of your pool noodle pieces. Next you’ll cut your craft sticks into different sizes and tuck them inside of the hole in the center of the pool noodle (it will look like a stem). Finally, to make the vine for the pumpkin, cut your green pipe cleaner into 2″ lengths before twisting it and pressing one end of it into the pool noodle pumpkin. After that, you’ll have a cute little pool noodle pumpkin!

Enjoy your fall season (and Halloween) with these fun, easy, and affordable crafts!