Small But Mighty


Geoli Yeager, News Editor

Yesterday – April 12th, 2018 – was Mohawk’s first ever Small Ensemble Concert and it was entirely orchestrated by the Mohawk Band Students. Forty chairs were set up arranged around a space in the center where the students would perform on Mohawk’s Auditorium stage and all of them were filled . These students made up four groups: the trumpet trio, mallet trio, clarinet trio, and brass quartet.  In the Trumpet Trio was Raegan Esenwein, Kara Kulinski, and Aaron Smith. In the Mallet Trio was Jacob Alley, Kai Bright, and Shannon Lombardo. In the Clarinet Trio was Larissa Butch, Madyson Dailey, and Katie Farrington. In the Brass Quartet was Molly Fitzsimmons, Jack Isaac, Kara Kulinski, and Donovan Rubante. These amazing students have been working on their music since September, and it really showed through in this brilliant concert. Not only did the students seem proud of what they accomplished after it was all said and done but everyone there truly did enjoy every minute of it.