Musical: Cinderella


Once upon a time there was this little girl named Cinderella. She was as kind as can be. When she was three years old, her mother died, and her dad married this evil women and became Cinderella’s stepmother. After a couple of years her father passed away and Cinderella’s had to live with her step mother and her 2 daughters Joy and Grace. In this journey she found somebody somebody to make her wishes all come true. A fair-godmother?  A lady to make her wishes to go to the ball. Fairy godmother made her night come true. In the end of her story she ended up finding the love of her life, the prince.

Mohawk High school put on Cinderella and it was an amazing show. Cinderella was Meghan Johnson and she played a beautiful Cinderella. The evil step mother played by Alex Hammers, who played an awesome mean mother. The two step sisters Joy played by Belita Rubanta and Grace played by Cierra Murphy. The sweet girl to make all the wishes come to true was played by Ashlee Rafitz. Cinderella’s true love the prince, was played by Dohnavin Rubanta. The whole cast did such a great job and I hope everybody got to come out and see the show.  Mohawks musicals always have been very good and this one was just added to the list. Everybody who was involved weather it was on or off stage all did an amazing job on making the musical awesome. Everybody had such a good time putting on the show and miss it already.