Broke On Valentine’s Day?

Broke On Valentines Day?

Natasha Burrows, Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day is the day when us couples show are love for each other. Some people go out to fancy dinner. Others buy expensive gifts like a puppy or even a car. Then there are the strugglers, the people that are so broke and can afford any gift that is simple enough to “woo” their significant other. There is no need to fear my fellow strugglers, for I have a plan.

For you fellow crafty people, it wouldn’t hurt to make something from just a piece of paper and pencil. You can write an old-school letter explain you’re deep and utter feelings for your loved one. Write about the amazing things that happened in the past or things you enjoyed together overall. You can also make a indoor scavenger hunt. Hide cards inside the house giving clues to find the next card. Make sure you do simple yet clever ideas, also make sure they have meaning to them. Another fun thing to do is make a DIY gift. Most gifts include putting candy in a jar with funny word play, but don’t be afraid to do something with a little pizzazz.

For my talented chefs, make an at home dinner. Try to cook something completely new together to add a fun twist. Or be simple by making heart shaped foods or chocolate covered food. Be a little romantic by setting up the table, dimming the lights, and lighting some candles. You can also just be yourselves and eat while watch a comedy show.

Want to be a little more active during Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry I got that covered to. Just put on your shoes and go for a jog together. Maybe share a bit of the same granola bar. Don’t like jogging? Ride a bike! Sharing a bike would make you guys become closer together, physically and emotionally so rent a tandem bike. Enjoy the pure yelling of your significant other for not pedaling fast enough.

Hopefully these ideas will make your significant other fall in love with you all over again. Or you know, fall because you made them exercise too much. Either way, you’re other half should be accepting of these small gifts, no matter the price. Happy Valentine’s Day.