A Bad Moms Christmas



From the simple minded dialogue to the overall predictability, A Bad Moms Christmas takes unoriginality to the next level. The movie’s overused raunchiness felt both expected and ineffective. The alleged comedy lacked humor and left the audience without a chuckle. Its attempted aim to insight the audience of the inevitability of one day becoming their mothers, falls short and feeble. The remarkably bland Amy, Kiki, and Carla somehow managed to be “out-blanded” by their insipid mothers. The writers’ failed efforts to create a comically problematic mother-daughter relationship took a turn for the unnecessarily absurd.

The movie follows Amy, Kiki, and Carla, three mothers fed up with mom-ing, as they deal with the stress of both the holidays and worse, their mothers. Amy struggles to compete with her mom,Ruth’s control freakiness and over the top idea of the perfect Christmas. Kiki battles it out with her lunatic of a mother. Carla attempted to regain a relationship with her mom Isis, after three years of no contact. The lack of execution for the rather brilliant concept dragged the movie down several notches. With a more complex use of communication and a more out of the box approach, the movie would have been an astronomical success.