Fun Springtime Activities


After a long winter, it’s safe to say many are tired of the cold, gloomy days. As the warm weather approaches, children and adults are itching to be outside. Boredom can still follow you into the great outdoors, however, so it is important to plan ahead.

Spring Activities You May Enjoy:

  • Have a picnic.
  • Go for a hike.
  • Ride a bike.
  • Go for a run.
  • Plant a garden.
  • Sit in the rain.
  • Visit the farmer’s market.
  • Fly a kite.
  • Go berry picking.
  • Try new recipes.
  • Go bird watching.
  • Throw a garden party.
  • Pick wildflowers.
  • Walk through the city.
  • Watch the sunrise.
  • Wade in a creek.
  • Walk under the cherry blossoms.
  • Have a campfire.
  • Attend a spring festival.
  • Go fishing.