Forest Fires


Every year it seems like there is another awful and disastrous wildfire. Forest fires usually occur in Australia, California,  as well as in the Western cape of South Africa. Most people think of Forest fires and think of how big of a disaster they are , but some don’t know that some forest fires can actually be beneficial to the environment. Some Forest fires help in the natural cycle of woods growth and replenishment. Some people set off a “control burn” so  they can help stop a out of controlled wildfire, the technique they use is called “back-burning.” Wildfires start by a material  called ” vegetation” it builds up enough heat and has a supply of oxygen from the air. Although starting a control burn can be very dangerous, it must be well planned and trained by professionals so the fire doesn’t get out of hand and hurt people and animals.  The wildfire that occurred in 2019 and 2020 in Australia killed about twenty four people, destroyed over 200 homes, and killed nearly three billion animals. Wildfires are very dangerous and scary at the same time, it’s just something in life you have to live with because there isn’t much we can do.