Pro life vs. Pro choice

Pro life vs. Pro choice

Abortion has been a sensitive topic for what feels like forever. Most recently it has been a popular one. Protests have gone on for both the pro-life side and the pro-choice. People holding up signs saying “abortion is murder” or “Abortion is healthcare.”

On the pro-choice side, woman should have the right to do what they want to their bodies. When it comes to rape, incest, and major complications women should have the choice to do what they want to do. If you are pro-life, do you help try to better the foster care system? Do you donate to less fortunate children?

Taking away this right from woman will cause so many problems. Woman will do “do it yourself” abortions causing many woman to die. Abortion bans will only get rid of safe abortions, not stop them.

On the pro-choice side, they believe that abortion is murder. Some say that its different when it comes to incest and rape but you cannot limit abortion to a certain group of people. Rape victims are already having a hard time yet they would have to be questioned and tested to be able to get one. Or, people who are not victims will lie and say that they were. Most people who are pro-life have done nothing to help with the foster-care system. The foster-care system is abusive.

The stance on abortion will always be controversial.