Valentines Gifts

Valentines Gifts

Ashley Burrows

Are you in a rush? Have no money or little to no money to spend? I hope this is a valuable source for your troubles!

  1. A love bucket— Fill up a simple small bucket or basket with small certain things your boyfriend/girlfriend will love you can use candy or small items you think they will cherish!
  2. “Open when…” cards— Give them a few ‘love’ notes for when they are sick, sad, or happy…what ever you want to do. (you can even add pictures, money, etc.)
  3. Date Night jar— In a jar add date ideas and pick on from it each time you guys want to go on a date.
  4. 52 Reasons— Using a deck of cards you can glue on a few simple reasons why you fell in love with them, reasons you love them, etc.

Men, I always here that you do not know what to get your girlfriend; so here are some small ideas…

  1. perfume, bath-bombs, lotion– You can make a bath and body work basket if anything.
  2. A small bouquet of flowers– Even if it is just a simple rose.
  3. Jewelry– A promise ring, necklace, bracelet, etc.
  4. Chocolate!

Ladies, your gifts are just as simple…

  1. Cologne or men’s body wash
  2. Write a simple letter explaining how much you like them!
  3. Something dealing with their favorite sports team.
  4. Chocolate and jewelry go a long way with them too– Buy a watch for them, matching rings, a necklace, etc.

I hope you find this really helpful this month!!!