Why Fast Fashion is Harmful to the Planet


What is Fast Fashion?

Fast fashion is a method of producing clothing cheap and rapidly. The materials of the clothing are made from synthetic fabric, which is made from chemicals, rather than from natural fibers. On top of this, workers are being unpaid, or paid extremely low, unlivable wages and the working conditions are tremendously poor.

Why is Fast Fashion Harmful to the Planet?

According to CNN, 728,789 plastic microfibers are released from washing a load of acrylic garments. Also, 200 tons of water can be required to produce 1 ton of dyed fabric. Fast fashion is harmful to the planet due to the excessive amount of water used. Plastic materials found in the clothing take hundreds of years to decompose. Clothing is not the only item that takes centuries to biodegrade. Plastic bottles, plastic bags, plastic straws, shoes, and batteries take a long while to decompose. Items such as aluminum foil and stryofoam do not have the ability to biodegrade. These items will sit in landfills forever.

Fast Fashion Brands

In an attempt to be more eco-friendly, try to avoid:

  • H&M
  • Forever 21
  • Zara
  • Shein
  • Topshop

What Can We Buy Instead of Fast Fashion?

Many brands are becoming aware of this issue, and are creating more sustainable clothing pieces. Patagonia has made fleece using recycled water bottles and recycled down polyester and wool. Reformation is also a great company that promotes sustainability. They aim to implement better materials, ensure quality chemical management, and establish fair working conditions. Unfortunately, eco-friendly products can be expensive, and many are unable to purchase these items. Another great way to avoid fast fashion is purchasing second-hand. Thrifting has become a trend, which is great because it is beneficial to the planet. Buying second-hand is also affordable, and prevents unwanted items from going to waste.