Forbush’s Ice Cream


Located at 3462 Ellwood Rd, New Castle, PA 16101 is one of the best ice cream places around here. Forbush opened in 1950 in Shenango Township, still making frozen desserts with the same antique machinery that originally started the business. They finally opened up for the 2021 season on April 1st. Forbush is open Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from noon until 10pm. Fridays and Saturdays they are open from noon until 10:30pm. Sundays they are open from 12:30 to 10pm. Wednesday’s they are closed. They may close earlier on days due to bad weather. Be prepared for long lines coming up with the hot weather making it enjoyable to eat ice cream!

Forbush has many frozen desserts to choose from. Such as ice cream in a cone or bowl, small or large sundaes, banana or hot fudge splits, ice cream sandwiches, and also quarts and pints to take home with you! There is also milkshakes, orange freeze, or slush shakes, floats/slush floats, strawberry shortcake or hot fudge cake, and slushies. If you aren’t much of an ice cream person, they also have nachos & cheese, apple dumplings, and frozen bananas.

For the amount of ice cream you get, the prices are great. They only have certain kinds of ice cream, sherbet, yogurt, and sugar-free ice cream each day. To find out what is available that day, you can follow their social media. Forbush’s Instagram is forbushnewcastle, their Twitter is ForbushDriveIn, their Snapchat is forbushs, and their website is They take cash or checks, no cards so make sure you take money out or have some on you!