How Old is Too Old for Halloween


Some people say that an age limit needs to be set for Trick-Or-Treating. Some people feel that teenagers and adults should not be allowed to keep the fun for the kids. One thought of why teenagers and adults should be allowed is general safety. If teenagers and adults are out as well, child predators and people who wish to harm children have a less likely chance of going through with their intentions. It’s simple, they will get caught. On the other hand, people argue that adults and teenagers can buy their own candy if they want some and should let the kids have the free candy. In the history of Trick-Or-Treating, the people just feel it is silly and stop, or as some say, the magic has died. The holiday tradition falls to the same demise as childhood holiday stories: Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, and the Leprechauns, people grow out of it.
Although some people grow out of it, some people keep the holiday magic long into their adult lives, some until they decease. Some places charge kids as young as 12 years old with jail time for trick-or-treating. Some places encourage teenagers and adults to trick-or-treat; show the kids that magic does not have to die. That brings the question back up, should an age limit be set? Some people believe that the age limit should be 18 so that teenagers can enjoy Halloween while they are too young to go to adult Halloween parties. Others feel that it should be 16 so that the young can have fun. How do you feel? Would implementing the 18 years age limit affect you? What are your thoughts?