This is Us: Superbowl Sunday

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Perhaps the most tear-jerking of all episodes, This is Us’s Super Bowl special finally answered one of the audience’s most plaguing questions: How did Jack die? With the beyond impactful opening scene, and the cruel moment of hope for Jack’s survival, the episode took the viewers on an emotional roller coaster. It’s interpretation of each sibling’s reaction to his death, impressively distinguished them from one another. Kate and Toby’s family video binge and quest for tape repairage further displayed Kate’s excruciating guilt and Toby’s overall excellence. Randal’s lack of reaction and usually giddy self really painted the picture for the severity of his emotional suppression. Kevin’s unexpectedly heartfelt conversation with his late father gave both him, and those watching, an insight at their often overlooked connectedness. However, one character’s reaction surpassed gut-wrenching by a longshot. Rebecca’s story took sorrow to the absolute fullest extent. From her discovery of his departure, to her informing the kids of the devastating news, she handled the soul crushing situation with such strength and poise. Overall, the mighty Pearson’s mourning period displayed the true courage that lies deep within all of them.