Hip Hip Hoopray


Gianna Retort, Staff Writer

After losing five seniors last year, The Lady Warriors basketball team spent all summer and the beginning of the school year working hard for the upcoming season. This year the lady warriors basketball team has two juniors, seven sophomores, and one freshman. I got a chance to talk to Junior Karly McCutcheon on her expectations for this season she stated “Our goals for the season are to take it game by game. We take every game as a big game. We want to focus on getting better everyday, and with that, our ultimate goal is to make playoffs.” Unfortunately, after there first scrimmage Karly McCutcheon suffered a knee injury. She will be out for about 5-6 weeks. As I spoke with her about the season she said “I don’t take it as a setback. Yes, I would love to be playing with the team, but I think you can get something good out of every situation. That’s what I am going to do. I will do whatever I can to get back as fast as possible.” Tipoff was held Friday and Saturday Decemeber 7th and 8th. The lady warriors were 1-1. As the season continues, the lady warriors are getting better and better everyday, working hard everyday in the gym. They had a big section win against Riverside on December 13th.