A Day to Love or Loathe

Sabrina McClain, Journalist

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Ah, Valentine’s Day. Its right around the corner. The day to be loved and shower love on others. Who can hate this day of blissful romance, melting chocolates, and red roses?


A lot of people actually.


Whether in a relationship or not, this designated day of love can possibly cause stress, unhappiness, anxiety, and even depression.


Here are 10 reasons why some people loathe Valentine’s Day.



  • Being Single


On most days many realize that being single is so much better than being in a stressful relationship, but who likes being reminded that they’re alone and will probably spend Valentine’s day sitting in front of the TV eating a box of chocolates by themselves.



  • Reminded that you are in a relationship.


For those who aren’t feeling the love. Valentine’s Day may be the day that prompts you to realize that this isn’t working out. Or even that one must begin extensive planning weeks in advance to ensure that their date will have a romantic evening.



  • Past relationships


What better day to be reminded of past regrets in the romance department? Valentine’s Day can also motivate your past stalkers to attempt another chance with you, calling, texting or sending you flowers with little love letters can leave you feeling awkward and feeling like a terrible person.



  • Stressing Relationships


Happy Valentine’s day! More like Interrogation Time. Is our relationship going anywhere? Do we love each other? When will we be married? When will you get a job? Where will we live? You didn’t text me right away last night, do you not love me anymore? Alright this thing between you and Greg needs to stop. Are you listening to me?



  • Getting good flowers


When should you get the flowers? You don’t what to get the ugly kind. What kind? What arrangement? What color of roses, red or white?



  • Buying a gift that is not just a thought


Time to step up your game. No more lousy dollar store cards, no more junky keychains you picked up last minute. Now is the time to think deep and figure out what will truly touch the heart of your significant other.



  • Trying to get reservations


To those who did not book reservation three weeks in advance may find yourselves having dinner earlier or later than preferred or even taking your date to somewhere like Applebees instead. Not only that, you may find yourself paying for a dish that may be more expensive than usual on this special day.



  • Spending money


You can’t buy true love but it certainly is expensive. Watch as your wallet is drained dry as you lavish your significant other on this special day.



  • Taking relationships to the next level


Wherever you may be with your significant over, Valentine’s Day may be the day to take another step in your relationship. This is the day you kiss for the first time or live together or even propose.



  • Failing to meet expectations.


With today’s society and social media, the pressure is on for making this day flawless. Spending months thinking that your significant other may be planning something romantic like a candle lit dinner only to find yourself ordering food in a place like iHop. The disappointment can be crushing.