Elementary Family Game Night


Nicolete Smiley , Editor

The elementary school kicked off their family nights with second grade’s Family Game Night.  Second grade students and their families were invited to come play a variety of math, literacy, and critical thinking games as a family.  Mr. Potato Head was adopted as the icon for this event, just as the Nintendo Wii game, Family Game Night.  Prior to the event, each second teacher had a personalized Mr. Potato Head in the cafeteria that gained parts as students brought in their permission slips.  This was a comical way to get students excited to come to Family Game Night.  On Thursday, September 14, 55 second grade families, totaling to 177 people, came together for a night of fun.  The cafeteria housed a variety of math, literacy, and logic games that students and their families had the opportunity to participate in.  Students’ names were put in a drawing for prizes that evening.  12 student names were drawn and each of those students got to pick a game of their own to take home. The cafeteria roared with laughter and excitement as families came together at the various games.  No game night is complete without POPCORN!  We concluded our evening with a light refreshment of popcorn and lemonade!  This night could not have happened without the support of the many volunteers that came to help!  We had 32 gracious volunteers give their time to spend the evening with our second grade families.  We had 24 Mohawk Staff Volunteers, 2 student ​​teachers, 1 Mohawk 6th Grade Student, 1 Mohawk PTO Officer, and 4 volunteers from Westfield Presbyterian.  We are very thankful for our volunteers who make these nights possible!