Jenna’s high school memories through the years

Jennas high school memories through the years

Now that high school is at an end it will be something I look back on. Like many others, school has never been something I looked forward to. Though, I still have some good memories to think of. Starting from freshman year a had many hopes for high school thinking it would be like the t.v shows. Even though that wasn’t the case, I enjoyed my art class constantly laughing with my friend Alyson who I’m still close with now. I had a nice science class and had a pretty stress free year. The beginning of sophomore year was also stress free. I had a good biology group where there was nonstop laughing. I also enjoyed my cooking class thinking back on it even though I didn’t think I enjoyed it in the moment. Then came covid. The “2 weeks off” became the rest of the year. I did enjoy the beginning of quarantine when we all thought it wouldn’t last this long. Junior year was a weird year for most of us. I enjoyed online school. Sleeping in until 8:30 instead of 6:30 was great for me. It was good for my mental health and relatively stress free. This year, senior year, was definitely the weirdest year yet. In the beginning we all still had the covid mentality. It was weird to see people I haven’t seen since sophomore year. It wasn’t a bad year, but definitely very unplanned.