All about Ayden

Hello, my name is Ayden Leslie…I am a senior at Mohawk High School and I would love to take the time to share a couple of high schoolm memories of my time here at Mohawk.

From the beginning, in my freshman year of high school, I have participated in sports, specifically cross country, ice hockey, and track and field. In my first season of track and field, I competed in four events, the 400m dash, triple jump, pole vault, and the 4x400m relay. My strongest event of the season was the pole vault. The entire season I went undefeated. Towards the end of the season was the tri-county championships. After a long day of races, medals, and physical anguish, the pole vault competition was down to two people, me and a senior from Ellwood City. The boy from Ellwood had already fouled out at the height 11’2″ and I was down to my third attempt at the same height. Earlier in the competition, I had missed a couple of heights, meaning I would lose if I missed this height just once more. One of my earlier failed attempts, I landed off of the back of the pole vault pit and my hip was killing me. But I picked up my 14′ 140lb pole, lifted it into the air, and ran down the runway as hard as I possibly could. I got into the air, clipped the bar a tiny bit with my chest as I went over, BUT THE BAR STAYED ON! I landed onto the mat and immediately got up, jumping up and down in excitement, I had just won tri-county champion in the pole vault.

Another one of my favorite high school memories was being included in the 2022 Homecoming Court. I truly am so thankful for being selected by my peers to be a part of something so big. I had so much fun during the Homecoming Parade, riding in a beautiful red car with my partner, Sidney Andrews.

My last favorite memory of my time here at Mohawk was finding out that I am graduating seventh in the senior class. While in my 7th period psychology class with Mr. Wrona, he had received a phone call from the guidance office calling me and a few other students down. I entered the guidance office and Mrs. Jones told us all to sit down, she did not sound pleased. “Oh no, what did I say,” I thought to myself, starting to sweat. After about two or three minutes, I was called into Mrs. Colluci’s office. I entered the office and there sat Mrs. Colluci, Mrs. Retort, and Dr. Houk. I started freaking out like what is happening?! I sat down in the chair in front of me and Mrs. Retort held up a tiny paper with the number “7” written on it. “What do you think this number means?” she asked. I didn’t know what to say I am stunned with confusion. “I don’t know, however many days I’ve missed this quarter?” I responded. I missed several days due to appointments. “Congratulations, Ayden, you will be graduating seventh in your class.” The 1,000 pound weight on my chest was lifted and I was instantly filled with gratification and pride. “Thank you so much, I am so excited,” I responded. I never could be so proud of what I have accomplished in high school.

In all of my time at Mohawk High School, I have formed tons and tons of new memories, friends, and learned tons and tons of new lessons in daily life. As I go into college at West Virginia University this fall to major in psychology, I will forever hold close to me all of the memories I have created with the people that I love in this tiny town of Bessemer, Pennsylvania.