Top five studying tips

The halfway point of the year is upon us and that means that grades are more important then ever for some maintaing a good grade for the next two grading periods could make or break them. One of the most common issues for students who are reciving bad grades are the lack of study habits not possessing effective studying habits can fail the most intelegent students.

1.Space out your studying

Most students can claim that they have crammed before a test wether it be the night before or minuites before, and most of said students would most likely warn you its not as effective as you’d hope. Cramming is not only uneffective in memorization its also practicing poor time managment another habit that is useful to develop early on in your career as a student. The key is finding a little time out of your day to study wether it be a study hall or even your break at work its immportant to incorpirate a small part of your day to studying.


Just reading information over and over again is not the best way to absorb information although some may be able to claim it as their prefered study method that is a rarety. Many teachers and students will inform you that they learn best hands on. To obsorb information you must use the information in action repeatedly on a regular basis.

3.Ask questions

A key to truely understanding information is asking questions about the information presented to you. Asking questions is an efficiant way to memorize and have a deeper undertanding which will benifit you past the test.

4.Be patient with yourself

Its easy to get frustrated with yourself when trying to study for a test typically resulting in feeling defeated and giving up. In any life situation being patient with yourelf and understanding that it takes time to obsord and undertand information is a basic life skill that will prove a asset.

5.Be consistant 

Maybe the most important component of studying is consistancy like stated above cramming rarely is found as a effective tactic. Developing strong study habbits in high school will build a strong foundation for collage and help ensure a promising future.