Should schools have dress codes?

Should schools have dress codes?

Jenna Kirkpatrick

Dress code has been a controversial topic since it was established. Dress code started in 1969 by the Supreme Court. Dress codes have changed drastically since then. Girls used to not be able to wear makeup, they were not allowed to wear pants, and they had to wear corsets. Some of the old rules still apply now. Like no distressed jeans, no tank tops, no shorts above the knee, etc.

Schools dress code can do a lot of harm to students. They spend a lot of time enforcing instead of focusing on students lives. They stop students free expression and they are unfair to certain students. Dress codes are also extremely sexist. They are meant to create a “save environment” yet it does the opposite. Dress codes predominantly target female students. Most dress codes say no tank tops, ripped jeans, no shorts above the knee. Male students seem to wear all of that, yet not get dress coded. Yes, some schools have different standards about this but most schools pick on female students. Girls feel like they have to hide their bodies or feel ashamed of them. Being told their body is “distracting” causes so much harm especially to younger girls. Starting from around age 8 girls are told they have to cover up to stop distractions for male students and or teachers. This causes insecurities for girls who are too young to worry about their bodies.

There are many people who think dress code is a good thing. Many do believe that dress codes do help with distractions. Of course, that idea is controversial. It is said that it helps prepare you for the work place. On the uniform side, peoples opinions can differ. its believed it can bring the school together no matter the income of the students family. it may prevent bullying and could be a sense of relief to both the parents and the students. The student may not have to worry too much on what they look like and if the parents have a low income they don’t have to worry about buying too many clothes for their son or daughter which can be a stressful situation for some.

Dress code seems like it will be a problem for many many years to come. Speak up for the people who get targeted.