Pennsylvania Schools to Mandate Masks


Starting on Tuesday, September 7, Pennsylvania schools are requiring all students to wear a face covering. Governor Tom Wolf announced this mandate on Tuesday, August 31. This news brings much disappointment. Coronavirus cases were decreasing after vaccines became available and many individuals began to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Wolf stated that COVID-19 cases are increasing at an alarming rate and he cannot in good judgement do nothing to prevent this from happening. Wolf is facing backlash for this mandate. Districts in the county are interpreting this mandate in different ways. Mohawk High School is allowing individuals to be exempt with a medical excuse. Several Mohawk students commented on this new mandate. One student said, “I think the masks are good if they can keep us in school, but they are kind of annoying.” Another student said, “I believe we should be wearing masks to try to lower the spread. In my opinion, if you don’t have the vaccine, it should be mandatory to wear one.” The mandate will likely be lifted when coronavirus cases and hospitalizations decrease.