To Underclassman, From A Senior

With less than 2 months of school left, we seniors are preparing for life outside of high school. Some seniors have come down with a case of senioritis, while others are pushing towards the finish line.

For myself, I find high school to have been interesting. A lot can happen in 4 years. Everything changes quite drastically as the year’s pass. You learn a lot about yourself, and more importantly your relationships with others. You encounter all types of people and can create any type of high school experience you choose. So when it comes to making friends, choose them wisely. They will either be by your side for life or have been your life lesson to look back on. Let your education be your main focus. Keeping good grades and doing well is something to be proud of; it’s an accomplishment. Taking time to relax and enjoy yourself is also important. Schoolwork can be stressful and cause your mental health to suffer. I guess what I am trying to say is, do your best. Putting forth your best is equivalent to 100%. Even though you may not have done well on an assignment or test, you gave it your all; there is nothing more you can do. Do not let a few bad grades make you discouraged. If you are struggling in school, don’t be scared to reach out. There have been multiple times I have caught myself not understanding the material and accepting failure. I could have fixed my mistake if I would have spoken up. If you have classmates that seem to understand, ask them; it doesn’t hurt to ask. High school does not define you, it is just a piece of your life. Ignore the drama, and just focus on yourself, your grades, and your life outside of high school; trust me.

Sincerely,  A Senior.