What To Do During Spring?

Mackenzie Lynn Knopsnider, Staff

Spring is the time of year where everything changes, including the weather. It can be hard to plan things especially since thunderstorms cause most of the severe spring weather. Spring is the rainiest season of the year, warmer air can hold more moisture than cold air, and the air gets much warmer in the spring. Here are some ideas to do during the springtime!

Since the weather is warmer outside and is not always raining, here are some things you can do outside. Many people enjoy riding their bikes by themselves, with friends and even family. Getting on a bike could lead you to nice scenery and get fresh air. Spring winds are great for flying kites. You see kids everywhere outside flying their kites. Going on a picnic with friends and family is a yearly thing, going to the park you see so many families having fun and bringing food for a picnic.  You can also go outside with your friends and play sports. Soccer, softball, baseball, kickball, are all just a few ideas of games you can play with a group of friends. These games can last up to hours without getting bored while with your friends, and they will keep you energized.

If the weather is rainy or isn’t looking good outside, here are a few things you can do indoors. You can make bird feeders, many birds are coming back home from the cold and are looking all around for some bird food. You can have a board game and card game day. Invite some friends and family over for a long day of games inside and see who can win. Baking is always fun to do. By yourself or with others, having the house smell like cookies and cake is always great. Practice juggling, see who can juggle the most objects at once, or who can juggle for the longest. Make it a competition. Set up an obstacle course around the house and see who can complete it in the fastest amount of time. There are many things to do during the springtime with the weather being bad or nice outside, you can always do something.