Still need a New Year’s Resolution? No Problem!

Jayne Zurynski, Staff

If you haven’t thought of a New Year’s Resolution yet, You are in the right place. There are many things you can do to get a fresh start. Whether it be a small change in your everyday routine or a major life change.

Let’s start with a great way to change your spending habits. To start the new year off right, try building a better budget! You can even create an outline or monthly plan for yourself and what you want your limits to be. Apps like “Mint” and “You Need a Budget” can help you with these types of things easily.

Everyone loves a great meal, right? Try cooking new things! Pinterest has lots of options for some great meals and even snacks. Cooking is a great productive way to spend your time.

This specific goal is for those messy-orientated. For this fresh start, try organizing a cleaning schedule and stick to it. Being in a clean environment always helps me to stay motivated and on task. Pinterest also has many helpful guides on cleaning, along with pre-made schedules for it!

Quit your bad habits! This one would be a life-changing goal for you. Whether it is oversleeping, smoking, drinking, or even swearing. These habits can take over your mindset and be a roadblock towards goals. Habits are hard to break, you aren’t alone! Try replacing these habits slowly with other productive things. If you are really dedicated to breaking these habits, There are many mindsets yous should be prepared to know. Firstly, Prepare for slip-ups along the journey. Everyone makes mistakes. Don’t beat yourself up too hard if you slip up, remind yourself why you started. Focus on why you want that change. Take your reasoning and hold onto it tight for the motivation and support that will guide you to success. Replacing the habits s a great way to distract yourself or avoid your habit. Instead of oversleeping, set an alarm and workout for 30 minutes. You will be tired of course, but afterward, you will thank yourself. Too much work? No problem. Try waking up 1 hour earlier than you usually would. Turn on your tv and make some coffee or tea. Replace your bad habits with good ones. Eating healthy, being responsible with money, cleaning up after yourself, etc.

Replace birthday wishes online with something more memorable. Writing a real letter can be fun! Who doesn’t like getting a letter from family or friends? Social media is predictable, and a post for everyone’s birthday takes a few clicks. Writing a card requires some thought.  Try investing in some fun blank cards and colorful envelopes. You can even just write to family and friends with no occasion. You will be sure to brighten anyone’s day.

Social media, tv, gaming consoles, are all great right? You may have answered yes. Yes, these devices are fun and a great modern experience. However, they are time-consuming. For Iphone’s, there is an option in setting to view your “screentime”, or how much time you have spent on your phone and each app. This is something I personally struggled a lot with, similar to most teenagers. Sometimes isolating ourselves and scrolling through social media is just easy and a way to stay occupied. However, over the past few months, I began to realize how toxic these devices truly are. Hours upon hours are wasted due to these devices dragging us back in for more. This week, I have gone down 40 percent in screentime. It is not the device’s fault, but our own temptations. How do you break this mindset? Simple. Allow yourself time for social media, but do not revolve your day around it. Keep track of your screentime, and try to reduce your time and do something useful instead.

After this crazy year, we all need some positive change in our life. Feel free to give some of these a try!