Mohawk Cheerleaders


This year for the 2020-2021 cheerleaders has been rough. Only being able to cheer three out of the seven games we were supposed to cheer during this years football season sorrowful. The five seniors of the squad this year are Tiara Budreau, Sophia Ferraro, Rylee Fuller, Mackenzie Knopsnider and Jayne Zurynski. As one of the senior girls this year, it is sad to say that we did not get to cheer on our guys every game, as we normally would every season. I am sure the other seniors feel the same way about it as well. Normally we would participate in a competition known as, “Pink Ribbon,” which is located in Youngstown, Ohio during the moth of October. This year because of the pandemic, the competition was cancelled. Normally going into that competition we wouldn’t care if we placed, we would be honored if we do though. All of us cheerleaders would go to the competition hoping we would get “biggest donor” like we have years past. We go to other competitions throughout our season, but those may or may not get cancelled as well. No matter if our boys win or lose the game they play, we will support them the whole way through. As always, good luck to our Mohawk Warriors Football team!