What Is Covid-19 Doing To 2020 Highschool Sports?

Megan Veon, Staff Writer

This year Mohawk and many other schools are facing various problems dealing with safety in conducting sports amidst the ongoing virus. From Kindergarten to 12th grade all athletes are facing safety precautions to keep players safety intact alongside being able to play. This year, seniors will be having many letdowns because of the strict rules and regulations in play. Some of these rules are keeping a mask on when you enter and leave the gym- only to be off while playing, recording your temperature once you have entered the building, maintaining social distance while not in active play, only allowing a certain number of players, and little to no spectators. It’s hard for many to accept that there will be so many changes this year but to safely have sports we need to take special precautions in order to play at all. Many schools have different ideas on how to properly keep the kids safe, but each school is doing what they believe is in the best interest for their students. Some schools allow a limited number of spectators for outdoor sports, such as football and soccer. However these small advancements can be stopped at any time because of how quickly things can escalate during this time. Everyone wants to see kids pursue their activities and have their parents alongside them but during these conditions it’s hard to please everyone. People are working hard everyday to do the most they can for every student athlete. Many changes are coming our way but staying safe and doing the right thing is what’s going to benefit everyone in the end.