A Day in the Life of a High School Senior During COVID-19


Jayne Zurynski, Staff

In March of 2020, Coronavirus was the topic of most conversations. The details regarding this so-called virus were questionable and unknown. Students felt relieved with the knowledge that we would receive a two-week break from our studies due to something we thought was irrelevant. Fast forward half a year, our moods have shifted quite greatly. It is currently October of 2020 and the Coronavirus is still the talk of the entire nation. Being a senior in high school means enjoying your last sporting events, school dances, and even friendships, right? Here is my experience so far as a senior during the Coronavirus. The senior class is split into two sections and is organized by the last name. This organization splits up friendships and communication between peers. Attending school is partially cyberlearning along with attending school in person. It is hard to adjust to routines due to the constant change. There is no “bell” to notify students when the class begins or ends. The hallways are almost empty. The lunchroom doesn’t roar with chatter or laughter like it used to. When learning at home, it can be difficult because of technical difficulties or lack of workspace. No matter where my learning takes place, there is a sense of abnormality.

For most students, homecoming is something they plan months for. Mohawk will not be hosting a homecoming for students due to the current situation with coronavirus. The student body took matters into their own hand and organized a parade and dance, non-affiliated with Mohawk Jr-Sr High School. The Homecoming Court would like to thank S.N.P.J. for granting us permission to host a parade. We would also like to greatly thank Patricia Fletcher for organizing a ceremony for homecoming court, and for her dedication to give us some normality throughout this year.  We as a student body all deeply thank and appreciate the efforts of the school, staff, and administration for trying their best to give us what we want. We understand that these are not your rules or guidelines we are following, but the states.

Sporting events this year are almost impossible with the rules and guidelines we must follow. As a Captain of the Mohawk Cheerleading Squad, When  I hear “Friday Night Lights’ I think of crowded bleachers full of friends and families supporting the team on the field. The concession stand lines were always crowded and full of chit-chat. The band/dance line would proudly perform the songs and routines they rehearsed hours for. I used to stand hand and hand with my fellow cheerleaders at every game to show our support for the guys. This fall, things will be drastically different. Thankfully, the football team will have a season this year. They get to attend their games and play the sport they love. As for the band, color guard, majorettes, and cheerleaders, our privileges are not the same. Speaking for the cheerleading squad, as well as the previously listed activities, we are only allowed to attend 3 out of 7 games. All 3 of these games will be held at the Mohawk Stadium. The regulations regarding fans in the stadium are quite strict. To enter the game, you must be given a ticket from an athlete in the stadium.

COVID-19 is a global pandemic. As frustrating as it may be, everyone is experiencing similar emotions. Even though the Coronavirus has caused some obstacles in my senior year, I have learned to appreciate the small things in life. I will forever be grateful for every effort made to make this year as close to normal as possible.