Wilmington Hockey Team


Brett Bobin

The Wilmington Area Hockey Association (WAHA) is a cooperative program that includes these schools: Wilmington, Mohawk, Ellwood City, New Castle, Union, and Sharpsville. Through the 19-20 season there were two team, middle school, and varsity. In the next few years they want to get three teams and add a junior varsity team. The 19-20 season was the first year that WAHA was able to participate at the varsity level. They had a very young team with only two seniors, and four freshman. Even with the young team they still made the playoffs. They had to play Ringgold, who was undefeated going into playoffs, who had nine seniors. The team was not able to beat the strong Ringgold team. WAHA was very excited on making playoffs but really wished they would’ve won the first round. The team is very happy with the young team being successful and are excited for the upcoming seasons.