Mohawk Volleyball


Cassie Jones, Staff Writer

This year, the volleyball team struggled to win some games, but they still did their best and played their hardest. They put a lot of work into volleyball, they practiced almost 6 days a week, whatever days they didn’t have a game they had practice. Being a student-athlete can be hard sometimes when you have so many different things to do. Playing a sport and maybe having a job and having homework all in one can be hard to juggle. There are many things you can learn from being a busy person though and responsibility can be the biggest one. Having a lot of things to do can teach you how to be responsible and how to manage time for things you need to do. The team would get home late from games, and a bunch of girls would be doing homework at games on the bus, etc. from this they figured ways to get things done in the best way they could. A sport can be a hard thing to do, it takes a lot of time, effort, and practice and you have to learn to never give up. No matter how hard things can be or can get I believe everyone has never given up.