A Roaring Week: Mohawk Homecoming 2019

Strike up the band, don your fanciest dress, and dance the Charleston, because Mohawk’s 2019 Homecoming Week was in celebration of the 1920s! With the twenty-first century’s very own “roaring twenties” right around the corner, Mohawk Student Council decided that “The Great Gatsby,” a novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald set in the 1920s, was the perfect theme for the festivities. Although all of this glitz and glamour was saved for the Homecoming Dance on October 5, 2019, students began their celebration bright and early Monday morning.

Beginning on Monday, September 30, Mohawk’s 2019 Spirit Week was in full force. On Monday, students were encouraged to find a friend and match them on Twin Day! To brighten up everyone’s Tuesday blues, Mohawk students wore bright-colored tie-dye ensembles on Tie-Dye Tuesday! Next, in spirit of Mohawk’s local culture and hometown pride, students wore their most country outfits on Wednesday, which was Hick Day. As the homecoming game and dance came closer, students decided to ramp up the intensity of their spirit with a Color War on Thursday. For this Color War, each grade in the high school had to wear a different color, with the seniors rocking red, the juniors donning yellow, the sophomores embodying blue, the freshmen gracing green, the eighth graders posing in purple, and the seventh graders being precious in pink. Finally, on Friday, October 4, school spirit was at an all-time high as many students were seen wearing their homecoming shirts on the day’s White-Out. All of this dress-up spirit and fun hyped the students up for the pep rally, which was certainly an event to remember.

Mohawk’s 2020 Senior Class chose fourteen different individuals to represent them on the Mohawk 2019 Homecoming Court. This year, the court consisted of Paul Altman, Nick Beam, John Colella, Nate Dworsky, Dylan Lloyd, Preston McConnell, and Donovan Rubante for the boys, and Mikayla Cory, Taylor Harman, Natalie Grim, Karly McCutcheon, Adriana Romano, Kallista Root, and Leah Stroebel for the girls. For the pep-rally Friday afternoon, the court members entertained students with skits, encouraging the student body to vote for them. Following the skits, the court members split up and battled it out in an intense tug-of-war match. The tug-of-war fun continued with the senior football players taking on some of Mohawk’s favorite teachers. With spirits high all throughout the room, the Warriors were ready to take on Riverside at the evening’s football showdown.

Mohawk’s 2019 Homecoming Court


Mohawk Cheerleaders perform for students at the pep rally.

At 6:00 p.m. on Friday, Mohawk’s Homecoming Parade kicked off with sirens, candy, and other festivities. Students, family members, friends, and community members all gathered together at 6:20 in Warrior Stadium to witness the crowning of Mohawk’s 2019 Homecoming Royalty. Students were on the edges of their seats, wondering if the member they voted for won the crown. In the end, Dylan Lloyd and Karly McCutcheon were crowned Mohawk Homecoming King and Queen, respectively. With their king and queen crowd, Mohawk students carried an incredible energy into the football match versus Riverside. Despite the fighting spirit the Warriors took into the game, they ended up falling to Riverside in a 35-10 loss.

Homecoming King Dylan Lloyd and Homecoming Queen Karly McCutcheon


Karly McCutcheon being crowned Mohawk’s 2019 Homecoming Queen.

To end the week’s festivities, Mohawk students danced the night away at the Mohawk 2019 Homecoming Dance. With the theme of the dance being, “The Great Gatsby,” students were dressed to the nines in their finest suits and most extravagant dresses to celebrate. With all of the festivities throughout the week and the fun times had, Mohawk’s 2019 Homecoming was certainly a good preparation for “the roaring twenties” to come next year.

Homecoming Queen Karly McCutcheon and Homecoming King Dylan Lloyd at the Homecoming Dance.