Is Your Generation More Self-Centered than Earlier Generations?

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Generation Z, the so-called “screen addicts,” are no stranger to criticism from older  generations, but are they really as self-centered everyone claims? As the years progress, the generations stray further and further from the previous one. In recent years, the world’s rate of change escalated immensely, creating an intense and highly competitive environment. What some view as self-centeredness oftentimes directly results from the harsh atmosphere Generation Z grew up in. In a world of cutthroat extravagance, the members of Generation Z constantly battle the pressure to prosper. The workforce’s overflow of promising up-and-coming employees creates a sense of incompetence to those who do not fall above average. Generation Z’s “self-centeredness” derives from the uproar in innovation of other Generation Z’ers. Oftentimes what older generations view as self-centeredness refers to Generation Z’s necessary determination and ruthless drive for success.