Ste2am Room Interior Pitch


Zarek Duncan, Staff Writer

On Monday November 13, the Interior Design class met with the school board during 7th period. Meghan Johnson and Kaleigh Odell had speeches that they used to introduce each pitch and to transition between them and to conclude the pitch. The class was broken down into three groups under the leadership of Sarah Richard, Shannon Lombardo, and Talia Magno; each group was assigned to design an industrial themed room and a mid-century modern themed room. The students did an amazing job and the school board seemed to be impressed with the students’ work. However, they seemed to dislike some aspects from each design but also loved aspects from them. During the pitch the group leaders talked about the room and wore a white dress shirt while the students within the group wore blue denim shirts. That indicated the idea of white and blue collar workers, with the white collars up in the offices and the blue collars out and about doing work such as construction and plumbing. As of now, the board has not given word as to which ideas they will be choosing. Stay tuned to find out.