Mohawk TSA Heats up for Chili Cook-Off

Do you love chili? Does your stomach rumble at the sight and scent of scrumptious, delectable eats? If so, Mohawk TSA’s Chili Cook-Off is the place to be! Mohawk TSA is gearing up for the event and is thrilled to see the community’s reaction. Through collaboration between Mr. Carl Sockaci and the Mohawk TSA Senior High Officers, an occasion that is fun for the whole family is surely in store! Competitors craft a chili recipe of their choice and present it to the public to be sampled and tasted. Through a baseline price, guests can use their tickets to sample the different chilis being presented to them. However, the game truly begins through the ratings of a panel of fan-favorite Mohawk celebrity judges. Taking place in the Mohawk High School Cafeteria, a grand time is certainly in store for all who attend. A permanent date for the event is not currently available, yet it is known that January will be the month of the Cook-Off. Proceeds from the event benefit the Mohawk TSA Chapter tremendously, allowing them to accomplish more as an organization. To fight the cold, wintery chills of January, Mohawk TSA welcomes you to heat up at the first annual Mohawk TSA Chili Cook-Off!