Mohawk Football Team

Carter Fritzley, Staff Writer


It’s Football season, and with that brings a new team with new players and new season aspirations. The entire coaching staff has returned with a new addition. Frank Conti, an ex Mohawk football player himself will come back to help the defensive backs. Mike and Tyler Perrone will both be coming back for their 2nd seasons as offensive coordinators.

Starting Offense

QB-J.C. Voss

RB-.A.J. Carnuche , Junior Micco

WR-Joe Reed , Marc Conti , Aiden Sample

TE-Boden Leslie , Jimmy Guerrieri , Luke Kuhn

LT- Charlie Shillingburg

LG-Alex Chapman , Jack Mays

C-Mike Dominick

RG-Vinny Perry

RT-Coleton Root

A closer look at this offense,With an all senior wide receiving core,Joe Reed,Aiden Sample and Marc Conti. Expect the Warriors to air the ball out often. A three headed tight end group of Boden Leslie , Jimmy Guerrieri and Luke Kuhn gives this group no weaknesses with all their different skills. The two back combo of A.J Carnuche and Junior Micco is almost impossible to slow down due to their different running styles. QB J.C. Voss is as unstereotypical of a Q.B you’ll find. Sitting at  6’1 215 pounds J.C. plays middle linebacker as well as QB.But don’t be misconceived by the height and weight this guy can move really well.Lastly,He has a cannon of an arm.The Warriors O-line is young but is leaded by one of the best,Charlie Shillingburg. A four year starter who has been dominating all throughout his career.Two juniors who help him lead is Mike Dominick and Coleton Root.

Starting Defense

DE-Charlie Shillingburg

DT-Ben Ruby

DE-Vinny Perry

OLB-Junior Micco

MLB-J.C Voss

MLB-Luke Kuhn

OLB-Jimmy Guerreri

CB-Dante Retort

SS-Marc Conti

FS- A.J Carnuche

CB-Carter Fritzley


This Mohawk Defense is going to be very tough to run against with it’s front seven being so big.Linebackers Jimmy Guererri and Junior Micco will set the edge while Luke Kuhn and J.C Voss will hold the inside.The line of Charlie Shillingburg,Ben Ruby and Vinny Perry is very tough to block due to their speed.The DB’s are a hard hitting group that will be huge in the run game this season for the warriors. Safety’s Marc Conti and A.J Carnuche are hard hitters who are smart seniors as well.The corners, Carter Fritzley and Dante Retort are lock down corners who do their jobs well.

Those are your 2021-22 Mohawk Warriors.

Be sure to come out and support these guys all season!