Mohawk Girls Soccer


Abigail Shoaff, Staff Writer

After not knowing if we were going to have a season or not due to the Coronavirus. At every practice during this time temperatures had to be taken and recorded. They didn’t know how far their season was going to go. It could stop at any second. They just went day by day. They started worked hard when we finally got out on the field at the end of June. The girls had high expectations for this season, even after losing six seniors last year.  But that wasn’t going to stop them for this season, it was going to make them work harder. The season started out with a big non-section win over Aquinas Academy.  Then they had a couple of tough section games that didn’t go the way they expected. Then they started the second half of there season off with a big win over Neshanock. The girls are now (1-4,2-4). They are hoping to win their next couple of games.