Senior Class Play

Brett Bobin

The senior class play was a murder mystery called “Murder at Aunt Agatha’s”. The main characters in the play were Dillynn Grace, Emily Vero, Angel Lindsey, Nathan Dworsky, Zack Kingman, and Sam Lewis. The play went on for two nights and raised a lot of money for the senior class. The play caused a lot of laughs from the audience almost the entire time. Some of the best moments in the play were when Zack Kingman revealed he wasn’t actually a woman and when Josh Kurtz ran threw the wall for the “secret passageway” to be revealed.  The play went off of the rails during the Earls death scene, played by Shane Anderson, Josh Kurtz, Dillynn Grace, and Nathan Dworsky, Josh Kurtz during his death had farted and everybody, including the audience, was laughing. The rest of the cast proceeded to talk off of script and it was a hit. The kids practiced every day after school for about two weeks and put a lot of effort into it. The senior class play is one of the biggest hits every year and fundraiser for the senior class to pay for senior class trips, shirts, and more.