The Arrow

The Arrow

  • The Mohawk Girls Basketball team will play in a semifinal matchup this Wednesday against Bishop Canevin at 8:00 pm at Moon High School.

Cierra Lutz
Cierra Lutz is a senior at Mohawk.  At school, she participates in Health Careers Club, Trivia Club, French Club, Peer Leaders, and Academic Games.  When she isn’t in the midst of a breakdown over her latest existential crisis or fretting about something of minor significance, Cierra can be found playing hockey at Baierl Ice Complex.  

Despite the fact that she is almost a legal adult, she is often mistaken for a twelve year old (and has, in fact, been denied entry into R rated movies as a result).  Cierra Lutz is a 17 year old full of useless information that nobody (other than herself) finds interesting.  Self deprecating humor is by far her favorite.  Unfortunately, she isn’t very good at it.

Cierra Lutz, Feature Editor

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